INT 05

MOOD – ROMANTIC ELEGANCE A concept fashion shoot with Rebecca Bataglia shot by Vipin Nair Inside a snow globewhere magichappens like clearday and it’s allsparkles and pixie dustShe was temptationwrapped in casualelegance. CrewStyling @namitha_navakumarMUH@makeup_nandish_lashstudioTalent Agency @auraatalentsStudio @pixgreyProduced by @pixemostudiosRetouched by@sandeepbhaskarkSpecial credit to Team@abinvrghz@earth_species@liza_anushuya @vigneshvicky7049


Living Food known for its best choices in providing insanelyfresh and healthy food didn’t fail to choose the best to addlife and colours in their digital world. The whole idea is to showcase a summer picnic with Living Food Indian Drinks. To give that summery vibe to the image summer fruits and summer apparels are […]


Dopamine is a chemical messenger in the brain that reinforces behaviours that make you feel good. That’s why it’s often called the “feel-good” hormone—it’s released when you’re doing something enjoyable and also gives you a sense of pleasure. A great outfit can ignite a positive feedback loop. Dopamine is responsible for anticipating how the outfit […]