Dopamine is a chemical messenger in the brain that reinforces behaviours that make you feel good. That’s why it’s often called the “feel-good” hormone—it’s released when you’re doing something enjoyable and also gives you a sense of pleasure. A great outfit can ignite a positive feedback loop. Dopamine is responsible for anticipating how the outfit is received from others, and for gauging the feedback we’re getting from the social world.

You don’t need to spend money on new clothes to try dopamine dressing. You can shop your closet by mixing and matching pieces you already own in new ways. Orange hues, are stimulating and playful. For a happy vibe, try yellow, which is associated with warmth and cheer, shades of pink may be calming, you may find the hue repulsive if you associate it with a bad memory. The tactile effects of clothing texture can make you feel a particular way. The visual and audible effects of material can affect how you feel too. Satin gives a sophisticated vibe. In contrast, opaque fabrics tend to look sporty. Clothes that make a faint rustling sound, like taffeta, can make a person feel elegant. There is ultimately no right or wrong way to practice dopamine dressing—it’s all about embracing the power of clothing to make you feel like your best self. The fashion choice that’s right is the one that makes you confident.


Model: Duda @dudaomelo
Agency: Janair Management @janairmanagement
Photographer: Vipin Nair @pix_nair
Cinematographer: Vineeth CP @vineethcpisharody
Styling: Srishti Vyas @bohra_srishti_
Makeup: Pearl @pearlmakeupandhair

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