Vipin Nair



Prasanth Kumar


[vc_row thb_divider_position=”bottom”][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1495077810050{margin-top: 100px !important;}”][thb_team_parent thb_member_style=”member_style2″ thb_columns=”large-4″][thb_team image=”2104″ name=”Vipin Nair” sub_title=”Founder / CEO” description=”He is a multi-faceted photographer who dons the hat of a producer, although hats don’t suit his head type. Working with renowned photographers, producers and other film makers around the world, mastering his craft. That experience also made him humble and easy to work with, so he could calmly ignore funny hat jokes of his employees. His knowledge of all aspects of the film making process, a keen sense of quality and an understanding nature makes him a force to reckon and a breeze to work with.”][thb_team image=”1346″ name=”Mahesh” sub_title=”Director” description=”A man creates his own destiny’ is a phrase that well defines our youngest director at Pixemo Studios. From being an MBA to ruling the motocross race tracks, there is no stopping for this man. Regardless of his achievements he is the most humble man in the room”][thb_team name=”Vinita” description=”Taking a leap of faith from IT sector to Marketing Manager at T.O.I. and now to heading the business in a media production house, Vinita has shown her versatile personality and helped us understand different and essential aspects of business activity while enjoying green tea with music. Challenge her with a foosball match and she is always up for it.” image=”1700″ sub_title=”Business Head”][thb_team image=”1345″ name=”Vineeth” sub_title=”Video Producer” description=”When we say video producer, we mean it. He could compile a quality video out of thin air, all by himself. Well I mean not all by himself, he needs us, and a lot of trees around, seriously this man is in love with anything green and alive. Saying that, directing, editing and cinematography are the vines that this Tarzan hangs on (p.s. you gotta get a haircut bro).”][thb_team image=”1703″ name=”Lloyd” sub_title=”Producer” description=”The serious most junior producer who is also the one working on everything, while doing his DI magic whenever needed. Lloyd’s a producer by day and a DI artist by night, truly the batman here (p.s. He does DI work in the day also). He is a man of few words and a lot of very serious looks.”][thb_team image=”1338″ name=”Prasanth Kumar” sub_title=”DI Artist” description=”He is our senior DI artist, although with that ponytail its hard to call him senior anywhere. He is funny, witty and a freak with adobe anything. I mean the man has been in animation industry longer than you have seen them (hey Gen Z). Prashanth like his work and table neat, and don’t you dare touch the small cute Ganesha idol on his desk.”][thb_team name=”Vijay” description=”An assistant producer trying to walk on the footsteps of the CEO, while mostly walking behind him working restlessly (taking notes). Oh wait, he does take breaks btw, his “coffee breaks”. Making a constant hustle in carving his sculpture as a Film Maker.” image=”1705″ sub_title=”Assistant Producer”][thb_team image=”1359″ name=”Nandakumar” sub_title=”Producer” description=”Nandakumar, referred to as Nandu in short is a lively, young and hardworking chap. He glided his way through the world of physics and finally reached his destination. His interest has always been in learning something new, innovative and unique and destiny got him here, wound around the world of advertisement, content and production. Truly, he’s someone whom we all look up to.”][thb_team name=”Navya Peethambaran” sub_title=”Producer/ Art Director” image=”2152″][/thb_team_parent][/vc_column][/vc_row]