Britannia Winkin Cow

Pixemo’s creative ideas has never fallen short as it is constantly looking for campaigns that require it’s assistance to not just sculpt their creative thought but also add Pixemo’s golden touch to it.
Britannia – famous for its F&B quality and flavors gave us the opportunity to enhance the Digtal portrayal of their new product Winkin Cow Milkshake.



The idea is to elevate the quality of the image by retouching each details and making the image more visually appealing.


The collage displays the process of digital imaging on the images.


Visual enhancement in the display of the images post retouching.

Digital imaging helps each element in the image standout and makes even the most minute detail look real.


The CGI retouching on the Badam makes it look real enough that its adds to the thought of authenticity to the product.


The CGI with the right amount of texturing, lighting and retouching makes the lychee and the bottle look real.


CGI with retouching, texturing on the chocolate and lighting effect on bottle making the whole image more appealing than ever.

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